We live at the intersection between music promotion and content distribution.

Our expertise in musically related formats, intellectual property, and music gamification allows advertisers and content creators to engage in a more profitable and transparent venture. By weaving creative formats and technological innovations into new distribution mediums, we seek to pioneer a brighter path in the digital music sector.

Evolucio sits at the epicenter of the new music paradigm.

Our product offerings are both freestanding and interconnected, while pioneering an innovative form of music distribution.

SongSponsors streamlines music sponsorship, enabling brands to seamlessly sponsor major artists via digital campaigns.

Music Battles operates as the distributor of these artist sponsorships through our mobile app.

We gamify free music distribution within our social music competition platform and distribute free music from major labels in the process.

Alongside Music Battles, Evolucio intends to evolve the future of music.

For further inquiries, please send all requests via email to the address below:

[email protected]